Presenting Cupid, our little Cavalier puppy

Last Sunday we finally got to pick our puppy at the breeder’s house near Cascais, Lisbon. We were extremely hesitant about the situation since we didn’t meet the dog previously owing to social distancing. I was incredibly nervous to be the cause of any kind of separation anxiety to our little puppy, used to his litter sisters and brother. We couldn’t prepare the delivery moment, as usual, to make it easier.

In the end, it all worked out nicely. We have the cutest dog.

One week later, I can’t imagine my life without this new routine. Having a puppy around isn’t easy, although life with a puppy is indeed a better one. Everything he does is amplified and shared with my friends and family by video calls. Basically, it was love at first sight to everyone who got to interact with him. Even my father, the biggest opponent to his arrival, is delighted.

However, our history started a year ago, or probably earlier if I take into account all the years I’ve waited for this moment. I always wanted to have a dog, but my parents didn’t. The dream became an obsession and once in a while, as a hobby, I used to search for all the different kinds of breeds and their specific characteristics. I fell in love with King Charles Cavalier Spaniel‘s character, known for being a lovely companion. Despite its sporty nature, they love to sit on the lap and receive belly rubs (…). They are one of the best-suited breeds to live in an apartment, as well as one of the most recommended for new dog owners. They are as well the friendliest breed of them all. Even towards strangers. They are intelligent and tend to be easy to train if you try your best. Ricardo, my boyfriend, is a true example of persistence. He already taught our little one to sit by command. The other ones will take quite some time, I think.

Years went by and I’ve moved from my parents’ house to live with Ricardo. Our first apartment was too small to have a dog around. Our second home was okay. It had huge balconies to play in. So, we finally started our search for Portuguese breeders. We ended up meeting Sofia, who conveyed us plenty of confidence in her process of breeding. We were on the waiting list for months. Our litter was born on 14th February. Ten weeks later, we finally picked our puppy. A male, although we didn’t have a preference.
Now, in a three-bedroom apartment, our puppy has plenty of space to sneak around. Plus, as soon as he gets the vaccine shots, we can walk in the surroundings and have even more fun.

In the meanwhile, we have to remain at home, as all puppies with less than four months should. Today, after his first bath at home, I did a little photoshoot so that I could properly present him to you.

Cupid was born, as I said before, on Valentine’s day. Coincidentally, he also has a heart-shaped nose. Wow! Furthermore, he’s the happiest dog ever, always wagging his tail no matter what. He’s definitely a heart melter. How could he have another name?

We had initially chosen Murphy to name our puppy, but it doesn’t fit his personality. Instead, we opted to keep his original name, given by the breeder who wanted to have a valentine theme as a source of inspiration to name the litter. Cupid is simple, unique, and perfect. It stuck.

For now, our routine is focused on Cupid’s schedules. When he eats, when he sleeps or when he wants to play… He’s still a baby who needs a lot of attention. We feed him three times per day with a mix of raw food and kibble (which I’m learning a lot about). We pretend to bathe him once a week with great products to keep his fur soft. We also have a playground in the kitchen, where he sleeps at night (up until now he stays there all night long with no complaints); and a smaller one in the office. I had to cover the balconies with fences to avoid any disasters because he’s still too small and tremendously curious; he could easily fall. The biggest challenge is pot training him to poop and piddle on the pad square. At the majority of times, he gets it right. I think we are improving day by day. But, we shall see what the future brings.

Next week we are going to take him to his first veterinarian appointment. I hope everything is as it’s supposed to be. After all, we are new at this. Any advice of an experienced dog owner is welcomed.

I hope you enjoy this kind of content. Cupid became a huge part of our life. He is probably the messiest now.

As such, if you want to keep up with his development, make sure you follow me on social media. I’m on twitter and partially on Instagram too, while doing a blog rebranding – @myprettymessblog. I can’t wait to show you! It will take a few weeks though.