The time for new beginnings

Life is getting harder nowadays. Suddenly everything changed and even the simplest daily tasks are now a challenge to get through. The streets are nearly empty and the hospitals crowded as days go by. The local grocery shops seem like a battlefield to me, without any visible enemy.
The neighbourhood sounds different from my window. There are children playing on balconies, drawing the most beautiful rainbows with the most inspirational quotes. Everything is gonna be okay, they say. The parents are still working from home trying to balance their time between family and professional responsibilities. However, the surrounding atmosphere is heavier than ever despite the cosy feeling of being with your loved ones under the same roof. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy the safeness of their homes. Strange times to live in.

Saudade, the Portuguese word that describes the nostalgic feeling of missing something or someone to the point of sadness and yet a sensation of warm heart for all the good memories, never meant so much. The present is quite scary and the future a blank page.
Hopefully, it will come along with a new version of humanity. More aware and wise. It may be an epiphany of mine, but let’s stay positive.

It’s time for new beginnings. We may be stuck at a red light for a while, but the way is forward.

Which means it’s about time to give an opportunity to all the projects that we have been delaying for no valid reason.

Writing a lifestyle blog was on my top priorities as a new year resolution. Since then, I’ve been planning carefully every single detail. At first, I had to choose the platform to host the blog, then the name of it (the hardest part) and finally, the perfect layout – clean and functional.

I even bought a new computer for photography and video editing, as well as a new Canon camera to expand my photography adventures.

As you may have already noticed, I’m a crazy plan maker who took the necessary time to feel comfortable with this decision. Probably more than I should. Now the lack of time is no longer an excuse. Actually, writing is becoming a well-needed therapy for me. I’ve always been the kind of person who loves to scrutinize my deepest thoughts in order to keep my mind calm. It helped me a lot as a teenager to have a diary. But today, with twenty-nine years old, writing has a new meaning: making memories and eternalize them. Therefore, this blog intends to be an album illustrated with photos, funny stories and real brainstorms about life.

As a curious mind with an engineering background, but currently working as an intensive care nurse (long story here), it would be interesting to share the struggles and achievements along the way.

As a stubborn Aries, living with the nerdiest boyfriend, it can be extraordinarily fun to keep up.

As a Cavalier lover about to have a puppy for the first time, I can guarantee a lot of cuteness and incredible moments.

Being an enthusiastic photographer, you can expect a lot of photos, most of them travel-related since I’m a huge fan of discovering new places and cultures. Books are another great way to travel as is watching movies and tv shows. I must anticipate that I’m an avid Netflix watcher, who likes to share reviews. Plus, as an experimental cooker with a Portuguese twist, the recipes will be a constant topic full of colourful and healthy choices, especially while I’m trying to get back in shape and make better decisions.

Summing up, this may look like a huge mess. At least, I hope it becomes a pretty one.

Feel welcomed to my pretty mess. Love, Joana, the messiest.

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Proud aries, cavalier lover and photography geek Intensive care nurse and part-time blogger

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