My battle with weight loss and negative image body

This is a very sensitive topic for me. Weight. As a child, I never worried about it. I was a tinny girl, always playing around, as a child should be. It was when my period arrived that my body completely changed. My hair got lighter and curly, my face became oily and acne started to show up.

In a few months short, my appearance was entirely different. Curves also became part of my silhouette.

For a while, this wasn’t an issue.

Presenting Cupid, Our little Cavalier puppy

Last Sunday we finally got to pick our puppy at the breeder’s house near Cascais, Lisbon. We were extremely hesitant about the situation since we didn’t meet the dog previously owing to social distancing. I was incredibly nervous to be the cause of any kind of separation anxiety to our little puppy, used to his litter sisters and brother.

We couldn’t prepare the delivery moment, as usual, to make it easier.

In the end, it all worked out nicely. We have the cutest dog.

Catching up on quarantine days

Many days went by since the last publication. Twenty-five days, to be precise. I can’t believe how long it took me to write again. Surprisingly, time is flying without me even noticing. For the majority of you, in quarantine, the perspective of time may be quite different than mine.

But, as a healthcare provider, I still have to work and get outside on a daily basis.

The time for new beginnings is now

Life is getting harder nowadays. Suddenly everything changed and even the simplest daily tasks are now a challenge to get through. The streets are nearly empty and the hospitals crowded as days go by. The local grocery shops seem like a battlefield to me, without any visible enemy.

Strange times to live in.